Sustaining Growth

In Part 4 – Sustaining Growth – Section 8 – Managing by Horizon – the Authors go into detail about the following issues:


1. Talent Management


2. Planning for Growth


3. Performance Management


They lay out a detailed plan of the type and mix of talent you need for each horizon. Then, how to plan for growth by horizon and the metrics needed for the performance management of each horizon.


They emphasize throughout this section that companies that build sustainable growth have developed distinct management systems for each horizon.


In summary, the Authors remind you that in Chapter 1 they said that the central challenge in sustaining growth is to build and manage a continuous pipeline of business creation.


Ultimately, however, they indicate that this is possible only if companies adapt distinctive management systems for each of the three horizons managed by the right talent and right mix of talent.


In Part 4 – Sustaining Growth – Section 9 – Organizing for Growth the Authors lay out the framework for organizing sustainable growth.


What they emphasize is the what must be done is to build within your established company the organization with the thirst to learn, the compulsion to share and they bias for action – the soul – of a small company.


They do this by prescribing the following:


1. Creation of small communities.


2. Shaping new communities.


3. Connecting Communities.


4. Inspiring the new organization.


The Authors then go into detail on how to do this giving examples of several leading companies doing it.