Strategic Planning

At the core of a company's ability to drive "growth through innovation" is a proven and systematic approach towards championing growth and harnessing its power. 


At Keating International we can bring such a systematic approach to your "growth through innovation effort" in the form of the breakthrough ideas and approaches defined in the book entitled, "The Alchemy of Growth: Practicle Insights for Building the Enduring Experience" that we've reviewed on our website under the "Growth Through Innovation" menu item.


Using this approach we can do an initial assessment or a comprehensive review with our without an outside expert in the methodology with a focus on the development, alignment and integration of your company's business, innovation, human resources and capital strategies within your "growth through innovation" effort.


If this step finds that further work must be completed to bring your "growth through innovation" effort into a better position, we can support your company in this step through the use of a very experienced and specialized network of outside management consultants.


These consultants can provide general "growth through innovation" strategic planning services based upon "The Alchemy of Growth" methodology or specialized "go-to-market" planning and execution services for the launch of new products or services. 


For example, we can support your company in the execution of its "growth through innovation" strategy by bringing in the Chasm Group from Silicon Valley to work with your company. The Chasm Group has assisted hundreds of companies with their well-proven methodologies behind the best selling "Crossing the Chasm, Exit Velocity and Zero to Win" books written by the founder of the Chasm Group - Geoffrey Moore.


Since the first time we read the predecessor to these books - The Regis Touch - in 1986 and in 1991 - Crossing the Chasm - we've watched and learned as company after company followed the formulas espoused in each book to successfully drive growth through innovation. Now, in partnership with the Chasm Group we are focusing on helping clients apply their methodology here in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.


In partnership with the Chasm Group we can focus specifically on the challenge where the Chasm Group is at its best - in helping your company bring new products or services to market - with its go-to-market planning and execution services.


The Chasm Group's Go-to-Market Planning and Execution for New Products and Services


Novel or disruptive technology, product, and market strategies can provide the core foundation for market success, but only if the actual go-to-market execution reflects strategic and tactical alignment amongst marketing, sales, and product teams to translate vision into reality.


The Chasm Group has decades of combined operational experience in sales, product marketing, marketing communications, and professional services.


In addition to knowing how to sell to real customers, the Chasm Group is also conversant in online and offline programs and tactics that influence buying decisions across all stages of the buying/selling process.


The Chasm Group can create or optimize your marketing and selling infrastructure, content, and campaign efforts with practical advice and programs that efficiently accomplish your goals.