Crossing the Chasm

Our "crossing the chasm" service offering is mainly for corporate leadership teams and venture capital investors of late start-ups/emerging scale-ups who need to "cross the chasm" for the first time.


Usually a company we advise in this area has found initial traction as part of start-up phase in the early adopter market segment. But, now they need to cross the chasm with a dedicated and focused target market Initiative to ensure growth leads to segment market leadership by winning a beachhead and from there conquer follow-on niche market segments.


The gap between these two markets, all too frequently ignored, is in fact so significant as to warrant being called a "chasm", and "crossing this chasm" must be the primary focus of any high-tech marketing plan. 


A successful crossing is how high-tech fortunes are made; failure in the attempt is how they are lost.


Hence, scaling is a make or break for the company and has significant impact on the creation of market valuation. The bad news is that a lot of late stage start-ups are poor in managing this phase and never really make it (‘getting stuck in the chasm’). 


As Keating International, acting as an agent here in Europe for the European Partner of the Chasm Group, we can bring the help of the Chasm Group to your company or portfolio investment to get it out of the "chasm" and to move it on the path to becoming the dominant player or "gorilla" in its tarket market segment.


The Chasm Group is based in Silicon Valley and was founded in the early 1990s by Geoffrey Moore, author of the best selling book entitled - "Crossing the Chasm".  It has 25+ years of working with the leading high tech companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, SAP and