Strategic Planning

Strategy and execution in the form of developing and executing the right go-to-market plan for a new technology-based product or services is an endeavor unlike any you will face in another sector.


Here, in the technology industry, the environment is completely different and changes in such a rapid fashion at each stage of growth that the standard strategy and execution models that you might have learned elsewhere outside of the technology industry probaly won't lead to a successful outcome.


Instead, it is in this arena that managers and executives subject their companies to the properties of the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) - the leading market development model for bringing technology-enabled innovations to market.




In the TALC model arrays of market forces come to prominence and recede at various times in the cycle, causing companies to make various acccomodations, each change seeming to repudiate the principles that drove success in the previous phase. 


It is an intellectual challenge just to grasp what is going on and why these changes are mandated. But, it is an even more of an emotional management challenge to lead a group of people through the changes needed to adjust to, adapt to and overcome the obstacles at each phase of growth in the TALC. 


Again and again, you will be asking the people you will lead to change the strategy and implement tactics that a year or two previous were the keys to their success.


But, the point of greatest peril in the development of a high-tech market lies in making the transition from an early market dominated b a few visionary customers to a mainstream market dominated by a large block of customers who are predominately pragmitists in orientation. 


The gap between these two markets, all too frequently ignored, is in fact so significant as to warrant being called a "chasm", and crossing this chasm must be the primary focus on any high-tech marketing plan. 


A successful crossing is how high-tech fortunes are made; failure in the attempt is how they are lost.


We can help your company prepare in the right way to "cross the chasm" as Keating International, or in cooperation with the European partners of the Chasm Group which is based in Silicon Valley. The Chasm Group was founded in the early 1990s by Geoffrey Moore, author of the best selling book entitled - "Crossing the Chasm".