At Keating International our mission is to support our clients in bringing their “discontinuous or disruptive innovations” in the form of new technology products or services through the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) in order to become the dominate player or "gorilla" in their target market segments.


Our competitive advantage as a technology investment bank is that we believe that by knowing how a target market segment is being developed by a company in order to become the dominant player or "gorilla” in it we can better understand the level of its power and the nature of its competitive advantage.


By combining this understanding of a company’s positioning strategy in its target market segment, the level of power it has created in it and the nature of its competitive advantage with our deep knowledge of its target market segment developed from our proprietary research methodology for identifying, selecting and developing relationships with end-users within it, we can determine a company’s position in the market and its fundability or saleability as a company.


As a result, at Keating International we are better able to serve a client in either 

  • improving its market position;
  • raising the necessary amount of money at the right valuation from the right investor(s) from its Pre-Seed through to its Series C Round or
  • in supporting a client to acquire a company, merge with another company or to find a buyer with the same "value creation" plans in order to grow and scale the company more quickly and at a lower cost than it could as a stand-alone company.