As a technology investment bank Keating International provides a menu of corporate finance and advisory services designed to meet the unique needs of your technology company at its specific stage of growth. 


Typically, at Keating International, we are focused on serving early and expansion stage companies that are bringing to market a specific technology-based product or service from a concept to the leading solution in the "Main Street" phase of its Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) in a specific sector.  





Our main goal in serving your company during these specfic phases of growth is on maximizing the value of it.


To do this we provide a menu of services that are designed to drive the value of your company by aligning its growth strategy with its capital strategy before selecting the right approach or blend of services.


In other words, for us to recommend the right capital strategy to fund or enable the growth of your company through M&A we need to understand its growth strategy and go-to-market plan for the initial or continued market development for its technology-based product or service.


In some cases, where your company or our team believes a different growth strategy and/or go-to-market plan would enable a more successful stage of growth we can also provide strategic planning consultancy services to you for this purpose.


Once we believe your company's growth and capital strategies are in alignment, we can proceed in supporting your company in a fund raising or M&A transaction designed to drive the growth of a specific technology-based product or service through the next phase of growth in its Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC).