The foundation of the Keating International M&A process is based upon a proprietary and very thorough research-driven approach that ensures a deep understanding of each client’s company, the company’s specific sector, the position of the company within the value chain of this sector and within the entire technology industry ecosystem.


Combined with an additional focus on the five pistons that drive the merger process around the world - regulatory and political reform, climate and technological change, fluctuations in financial markets, the role of leadership and drive for scale - we cover all of the necessary issues required for a successful M&A transaction.


Due to the continuous incremental approach to improving this approach that we've developed over 35+ years of focus on the technology industry we believe it has enabled us to provide the necessary world-class capabilities needed for serving our clients

At KI we believe that without this level of knowledge of each of our focus market segments of the technology industry little or no value can be added to a technology M&A transaction for a client. In fact, there are times, where such a lack of knowledge can lead to a loss of value by leaving money on the table that wasn't identified within a company.


To drive a premium valuation, on a sell-side transaction or to provide the right advice in targeting, acquiring and assisting in the integration of the right acquisition that will maximize the value of an existing company in the technology industry, we believe must know as much or more than our clients and the buyers and sellers we are targeting for them.