Building value in the technology industry depends upon the ability of an early or expansion stage company to bring a new product or service to market in a cost-effective manner at the right time. 


As Keating International we are driven by a proprietary research methodology developed to consistently monitor the trends in order to identify discontinuous innovations that will become the next winners in the technology industry.


This proprietary research methodology basically follows several steps including the following:


1. Identify the right trends in a specific value chain.

2. Select out of these trends those technologies with novelty and impact for end-use customers.

3. Validate novelty and impact with existing or potential end-users/customers.

4. Determine the position of the technology in its Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC).



5. Calculate the power of the technology to determine whether or not it is the standard or will become the standard in its specific technology value chain.

6. Estimate the value of the technology as a stand alone product or whole solution.


From our research we've always found that sector trends create change. Change drives strategic positioning.  Exceptional early and expansion stage companies that manage to sustain growth are well-positioned to capitalize on this change.


Combined with the right product or service and go-to-market plan at each stage of growth in the TALC these exceptional early and expansion stage companies will have a high probability of success in "crossing the chasm" and becoming the "gorilla"in their respective product or service category.