Our Team


   Patrick J. Keating, Founder and President


Patrick brings a lifelong interest in innovation combined with a deep set of relevant experiences and skill-sets developed on a global basis to KI as its Founder and President.  Driven by his personal courage and dedication to helping others realize their dreams Patrick's journey through life led him to his current focus on innovation management.


Starting in the late 1960s, while working at his family's agribusiness in Atkinson Nebraska, Patrick had his first opportunity to become directly involved in the successful implementation of several new innovations in agriculture. Then, in the early 1980s, while working in local and state governments in the state of Montana, he had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the next generation of super energy efficient homes and alternative energy technologies such as biomass, solar and wind in Montana.


But, it was in the late 1980s that he really began to learn the details of the steps that need to be taken to successfully commercialize innovation in any market. At that time he made his way to San Francisco in 1988 to enter the financial services industry where he began learning the ropes while working at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Citicorp and, for three years before relocating to Europe in 1998, Hambrecht & Quist Investment Banking (H&Q). But, it was at H&Q from 1996-1998 that he learned quickly the process of building a innovative company from an "idea to an IPO". During his first year in 1996 at H&Q the company did 43 IPOs for a total value of $1.9 billion including its own IPO making it a public company. This pace continued until Patrick left H&Q in July of 1998.  With clients like Amazon, Apple, Adobe, Ciena, Genentec, Netscape and Pixar and hundreds of other companies that participated in H&Q's annual technology conference Patrick was able to develop the insights and processes that would be the foundation for his continued efforts focused on helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.


In 1998, Patrick took what he learned in Silicon Valley and relocated to Istanbul Turkey on his own initiative. But, this wasn't just a "spur of the moment" decision for him. His interest in going global came in 1991 after listening to Sir John Templeton speak in San Francisco on globalalization and investing overseas. After looking at his options to do so in 1993 after he left Merrill Lynch he went to La Paz Bolivia on his own initiative to try to develop deal flow related to the privatization of its nationally-owned companies. However, due to a change in the administration of the country that year, he wasn't able to capitalize on this opportunity. Rather than just give up on this goal Patrick continue to improve his ability to capitalize on the right opportunity.


From what he also learned from a group within H&Q that was working to develop the capital markets for innovative early and expansion stage technology companies in emerging countries and a thorough analysis of rising stars in Patrick chose Turkey as the place to pursue this goal. In Turkey he was able to quickly execute his plan to help develop a platform to support innovative early and expansion stage growth companies in the EMEA region. Upon his arrival in Istanbul he went to work in his first position as Managing Director for Corporate Finance and Advisory Services at Strateji Securities.


A Strategji he led the development of his business unit into the leading advisory firm for early and expansion stage companies in Turkey. This included the first Technology Investment Conference in Turkey in 2001 with over 1,500 people in attendance and 32 leading companies from Turkey presenting themselves. At Strateji he also led efforts to develop the first early and expansion stage venture capital fund for the Black Sea Region which included traveling throughout Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. During this time Patrick was also an avid supporter of increased R&D in Turkey's leading universities and taught entrepreneurship at Koc University and Bosphorous University in Istanbul.


With this experience and his growing position as a leader in supporting innovative early and expansion stage growth companies Patrick was recruited in 2002 to run Is Venture Capital which was the first successful venture capital fund in Turkey. Is Venture Capital was founded in 2000 by Is Bank - the largest bank in Turkey. During his tenure at Is Venture Capital he and his team invested nearly $50.0 million in eight innovative companies with an IRR of 23.8% and, in addition, he led the successful IPO of Is Girisim on the Istanbul Stock Exchange in 2004. In 2005 he left Is Venture Capital. However, he did remain as a Board Member for another year. In 2006 he Co-Founded Bosfor Bioscience Partners helping develop it into the leading bioscience corporate finance advisory firm in Turkey. 


In 2008, after ten years in Turkey, Patrick relocated to Lyon FRANCE where he became Senior Partner at Yole Finance (a business unit of Yole Developpement). At Yole Finance he led the development of the group into one of the leading global advisory groups focused on the next generation of innovation in the semiconductor device and materials markets.  It was here at the end of his role at Yole Finance that Patrick decided he would focus the remaining part of his career on innovation management in three sectors where he felt he could make the biggest impact - the artificial intelligence, agriculture and transportation sectors.


As a result, in 2012, Patrick formed Keating International SAS (Ki) in Lyon FRANCE on the 100th anniversary of the founding of his family's agribusiness -  Keating International Inc. - in Atkinson Nebraska in 1912. Since 2012 Patrick has led the development of Ki within its focus market segments. This includes the formation of Velo Capital Partners (VCP) - www.velocapitalpartners.com - in 2012 to focus on innovation in the global cycling industry. 


Patrick is currently an Associate Member of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association and a former member of European Venture Capital Association (EVCA) and Global Semiconductor Alliance. A U.S. citizen with a resident and work permit for FRANCE Patrick was born in Atkinson Nebraska and holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Montana (1984) in Missoula Montana and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) from St. John's University (1979) in Collegeville, Minnesota.