M&A Services

Keating International provides both buy and sell-side M&A services for technology entrepreneurs in several different sectors.

To ensure a successful outcome for our clients we follow a proprietary process focused heavily on working with technology entrepreneurs whose M&A strategies are either focused on


     - acquiring skills or technologies more quickly or at lower cost than they could

       build in-house by acquiring other companies or

     - on selling their companies to buyers with the same "value creation" plans

       who can grow and scale their companies more quickly and at a lower cost

       than they could as a stand-alone company. 


The foundation of this process is based upon a very research-driven approach that provides a comprehensive understanding of the following:


     - each client’s company or target company,

     - each client's or target company's M&A strategy

     - each client's or target company's specific sector(s),
     - the position of each company within the value chain of these sectors,
     - the current trends within these sectors in the technology industry, and
     - the current state of the global economy.