Innovation Research

Keating International's ability in helping your company create value is heavily supported by it's research-driven approach as an advisor.


Led by its proprietary research methodology, developed from its previous experience at the world's leading growth advisors, Keating International can quickly perform in-depth analysis of specific growth markets in your sector. As a result, with this understanding we can support you in a more cost-effective manner than many generalist firms with little or no understanding of "growth through innovation" and the specific growth markets in your sector.


Keating International's research methodology does this by first analyzing the macro and microeconomic markets.  Then, it factors in the development of enabling technologies, supply chain trends and other disruptive market forces. 


By doing things in this way, we can understand where the market is going to be in 3, 5, 7 and 10 years and, more importantly, where the most value will be created within it. In addition, where a market is vulnerable and could face disruptions along the way. In the end, we turn low-data/high risk scenarios into potenitally high-data/low risk outcomes.


We are continuously developing in-dept research on different sectors and include some examples of this work in this section from our work in the global agriculture/food industry.