Fund Raising

Almost no startup grows into a great company with only a single round of funding in order to "cross the chasm" and continue on to become the dominant player or "gorilla" in its targe market segment.


Instead, three and usally more rounds are involved - each providing fuel in the form of both time and resources to reach new and exciting outcomes and milestone accomplishments. And it's those outcomes that provide the foundation of the story needed to fund raise again at a higher valuation.


This fund raising cycle continues through a company's Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) from its Pre-Seed through to its Series A, B or C until the point it either reach a sustainable business and/or experiences an exit (IPO, acquisition or merger).


But, fund raising is just like developing the right "go-to-market" strategy to "cross the chasm". It requires experience and the use of a methodology based upon best pratices to ensure that your company can secure the necessary funding in a cost-effective manner from the right investor or investors.


Keating International has the capabilities and experience to support a company in a successful fund raising based upon a proprietary methodology created from best practices and a deep knowledge of our focus market sectors to ensure proper positioning and valuation. 


We've been successfully providing fund raising services for 20+ years. Furthermore, we are one of the few boutique corporate finance and advisory firms with successful experience in both raising capital for own own company and, in addition, leading and completing the IPO of a major venture capital fund on a leading international stock exchange as Managing Director.


As a result, we have an in-depth knowledge of the entire fund raising cycle and processes followed by venture capitalists and institutional investors in investing in early and expansion stage private and public companies. 


In addition, working with specialized partners, we can help a company raise non-dilutive governmental support from local, national or regional programs that can be sourced for different uses at different stages in the execution of its growth strategy.