Entrepreneurs have a very emotional attachment to their businesses. To better understand our clients as entrepreneurs we focus on developing strong relationshps with these men and women as they are unique people driving the engine of growth in our economies.

Furthermore, at Keating International we are continuously trying to improve our understanding of both the physical and mental challenges faced by our entrepreneurial clients. With this deep understanding we believe we can better maximize the M&A outcomes we are seeking for each client.

These can also be very emotional and stressful transactions for entrepreneurs and, as a result, we are always trying to improve our capabilties to make sure each deal is a very pleasant and successful experience for each of our clients.

As part of this effort we are also publishing regular “profiles in courage” of exceptional entrepreneurs in the technology industry that we share with our clients and prospects too. There is so much to learn from those entrepreneurs that have gone before us on their way towards building the modern technology industry that exists in the world today.