Capital Raising Services

Capital strategies for "growth through innovation" efforts in your company can take advantage of the use of different debt vehicles or equity vehicles such as venture capital and private equity and the sale of stock in a public market through an IPO or a direct investment from a strategic partner.


In addition, non-dilutive governmental support from local, national or regional programs can be sourced for different uses at different stages in the execution of your "growth through innovation" strategy.


At Keating International we can help support you in the selection, structuring and obtainment of the right financing vehicle or blend of vehicles by focusing on the following steps:


     - Determining the Need


     - Calculating the Return on Equity (ROE)


     - Identifying the Sources


     - Soliciting the Sources


     - Sustaining the Flow


     - Eliminating the Need


Once we've determine the amount, use of funds and financing vehicle or vehicles we can support you and your team directly or help you hire and manage a specialized fundraising specialist or investment bank for your company.