Keating International employs a research-oriented approach to building relationships with private and publicly-traded micro and nao-cap technology companies and investors. The Company's overall strategy is to continue its commitment to targeted high-growth segments of the technology industry and investors in those segments by providing comprehensive research coverage and an increasing range of investment banking and business development services.


This strategy includes the following key elements:


CONTINUOUSLY IDENTIFY EMERGING TECHNOLOGY TRENDS AND SECTORS. Keating International intends to continue its tradition of identifying, in their nascent stages, trends and sectors in the technology industry that have the potential to become broad-based drivers of economic growth and change. KI believes that its focus on the early identification of emerging trends and sectors in the technology industry distinguishes it from other investment banking firms and provides it with a key competitive advantage.
LEAD WITH IN-DEPTH, FOCUSED INDUSTRY COVERAGE. KI believes that specialization in the technology industry is crucial to meeting the demands of its clients for sophisticated and informed investment advice. The Company organizes its research, investment banking and business development services along sharply defined technology sector lines and periodically reexamines its focus market categories to ensure adequate coverage of emerging opportunities. The Company's strategy is to continue to focus on a limited number of high potential growth sectors of the technology industry.
BRING EARLY AND EXPANSTION STAGE TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES TO TECHNOLOGY INVESTORS. KI's strategy is to add value where growth capital and growth companies intersect. Because of its fundamental understanding of the sectors of the technology industry that it covers and its long history of providing services to early and expansion stage companies within it, KI believes it is well-positioned to bring together early and expansion stage technology companies and technology investors. The Company's strategy is to maintain strong relationships with major institutional investors in early and expansion stage technology companies. An important element of this strategy will be the Company’s development of regular conferences for technology companies and growth-oriented investors, each focusing on a different sectors and geographic regions. The Company’s first annual Technology and Healthcare Conferences are both being be organized for 2021.
ESTABLISH EARLY AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPANIES. KI's strategy is to build relationships with promising entrepreneurial companies at an early stage in their development. KI often establishes contact with such companies through its long-term relationships with leading venture capital investors. As these entrepreneurial companies grow, the Company sustains these relationships, often on a long-term basis, through its research coverage, investment banking and business development services.
OFFER EXPANDED RANGE OF SERVICES TO CORPORATE CLIENTS. In recent years, the Company has greatly enhanced its investment banking and business development services while adding services through external partners. The Company's strategy is to continue to expand the range of its investment banking services and business development services activities.